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Sesame Cold Pressed Oil

SOYA is known as one of the most trusted sesame seed oil supplier. We understand the requirements of the clients and offer them with various options of packaging according to their need. We source various origin sesame seed throughout the world such as from India, Pakistan, KSA and Africa for sesame oil production. 

Whole sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) are cold pressed to naturally extract the oil that retains the distinct flavor. Processing of sesame seeds into sesame oil is one of the facility principal, which is produced by using advanced cold pressed processing technology. The produced Sesame oil is a pure natural oil used by food, cosmetic and other industries.

Cold pressed sesame oil is a vegetable oil that has a specific flavor, characteristics and it is a source that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids ( Omega-6-fatty acids) and a small amount of saturated fatty acids, Vitamin E and phenol, mainly gamma-tocopherol and the lignans sesamin and sesamolin. Beyond its nutritional needs, it displays additional health properties such as protection of liver from oxidative damage, lowering of cholesterol level in blood, anti-bacterial effects and so on. 

Because of the unique properties, sesame oil has different applications such as in oriental cuisine, traditional western style cooking, confectionery and as a salad oil. In addition, the oil can be used for medical treatments, soaps paints, lubricants, raw materials and manufacture of inks, illuminate, paints and varnishes.


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