Soybean Refined Oil (2)

Soybean Refined Oil

SOYA’s Soybean oil is visually appealing with its light yellow color and superior clarity. It is micro refined using sophisticated & “Westfalia Self Cleaning Separators with latest Belgium Technology.” Our refined Soybean Oil is transparent and water like color having bland taste and color. Our Soybean Oil is naturally enriched with Omega-3 and Alpha-linoleic Acid which helps to maintain the level of Cholesterol.

Soybean Crude Degummed Oil

At SOYA, we offer supreme quality Crude Degummed Soybean Oil for industrial and further processing use. SOYA’s crude degummed oil is predominantly used in human nutrition after appropriate processing, in form of oil and vegetable fat and margarine. They provide the body with the essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, they are an important source of energy and serve as one of the major components of cell walls.  Crude degummed soybean oil is used in production of paints and varnishes, fattyacids, resins, plastics and it is also recommended as a dust controller in silos.

Soybean Crude Oil
Custom Blend Refined Oil

Custom Blend Refined Oil

Created using our network of expert oil R&D specialists, blending expertise and experience and using Soya’s industry-leading oils portfolio, our custom blended oil solutions target each of your functional, nutritional and sourcing challenges, as well as your cost considerations—so your product performs exactly as needed for your success. With our deep technical expertise and development know-how in edible oils.